Vince Chuang

Technical Cofounder and Advisor: Open Law Library (publishing laws in open formats for Washington D.C. and City of San Mateo); SFN (fitness studio management and marketing-automation; six-figure ARR); Brighten (on-demand flowers and gifts; six-figure ARR); VetShare (cloud-based veterinary EMR).

Lawyer: Coursera (NYSE: COUR) (director and AGC: product, privacy, commercial transactions); Latham and Watkins (patent litigation, technology transactions); 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (law clerk); S.D. Cal (law clerk).

Angel Investor: [___] (community token platform; seed SPV); [___] (decentralized cms; seed SPV); [___] (eng tooling; seed+ SPV); [___] (private label DTC product sourcing; seed+ SPV)

Inventor: US Patent 11,042,692 (Artificial intelligence-based legislative code validation and publication system)

Dad: 2x

I train brazilian jiu jitsu and lift heavy things.

Send me an email at vince@ this domain.